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For your inquiries and concerns, please see our Terms & Conditions below

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa and Garden Suites has the following policies in place to ensure a safe and pleasant stay for all guests. Guests are advised to read the policies carefully.

  • Garden Suites is our accommodation wing. We also have private pools, jacuzzis and spa services targeted for our friends who can’t go downstairs going to Hanging Gardens. 
  • Hanging Gardens is our medicated pool wing that highlights breathtaking views, outdoor spas and over 10 pools to choose from.
  • Please note that reservations in the Garden Suites do not include access to Hanging Gardens and vice versa.
  • Luljetta’s Group follows directives provided by the Department of Tourism and the IATF-EID.
  • Guests must fill in the health declaration and hotel waiver at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • As of December 1, 2020 Luljetta’s may decline guests aged 18 and below and 65 and above, especially those with higher risk and comorbidities.
  • Within the premises, all guests are required to wear their face masks and sanitize to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

Please note that Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is situated at the overlooking area of Loreland Farm Resort. Thus, the stairs. The best way to go around the property is by walking. Seniors and PWD’s who wish to avail of spa services may choose to stay within the premises of Luljetta’s Garden Suites for easy and convenient access.

Smoking and drinking are generally prohibited in water amenities, lounges, and gardens. There are designated areas for smoking and drinking. Guests who violate the no smoking policy will pay a fine of Php 2,000.00 for the first violation and will be asked to immediately leave the property with no refund for a second violation.

  • Check-in starts at 3:00pm. Check-out is on or before 11am of the following day.
  • Request for late check-out is subject to room availability and applicable charges. Garden Suites reserves the right to deny requests for late check-out.
  • For check-out beyond 3PM until 8PM, an additional 50% of published rate will be charged to the guest.
  • For check-out beyond 8:00pm, one (1) full night based on published rate shall be charged to the guest.
  • Guests who cancel their reservations at least 7 days prior to check-in schedule will receive a 90% refund.
  • If cancellation is made 4 to 6 days prior to check-in schedule, guests shall incur cancellation charges equivalent to 50% of the reservation fee.
  • If cancellation is made within 3 days from check-in schedule, the reservation fee paid shall be forfeited in full.
  • There will be no refund for guests who fail to show up on the date scheduled. Their reservation fee will be forfeited in full.

To reschedule for other concerns, please feel free to contact us at 0917-135-0522 or email us at [email protected]. Unlimited rebooking throughout the COVID19 pandemic quarantine season.

Day Tours, Facial, Spa, and Wellness Services

Our Reservation Associate will coordinate your desired spa services (subject to availability)

Luljetta’s has four facial services targeted for different skin problems or issues. Prior to arriving, please take the Facial Analysis and Skin Typing session and inform the serving therapist aesthetician if you have sensitive skin. Failure to inform about your current skin issues or if you have had a face lift done warrants no liability to Luljetta’s or its management for any untoward incidents this may cause. The guest also waives all rights to indemnity

It is recommended during a body treatment or massage that those treatments are enjoyed without clothing although undergarments may be worn if preferred. Professional draping is performed throughout the duration of the service for privacy. We will provide robes and slippers for your convenience.

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Arriving late will possibly interfere with your treatment, making it not as effective or therapeutic for you. All appointments will end at their scheduled time so that the

We would recommend that you take a shower prior to using water amenities

Shaving is not recommended before a body treatment. If you wish to shave, please have it (4) four hours prior to your treatment time.

Please notify our receptionist before booking treatments if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure, any physical ailments, or disabilities. This will prepare our spa associates far in advance to provide the best possible treatment and therapy for you.

No running, rough playing, diving, walking, standing, or pushing on the edge of the pool. No drinking of alcohol or any bottled beverage while using the pool. Strict compliance is advised as management assumes no liability for accidents or injuries due to negligence and reserves the right to evict anyone not abiding by the guidelines or for behavior, which is detrimental to the spa or its guests. All guests, especially children and seniors needing assistance should always be accompanied by an adult.

Guests using swimming pools should wear proper swimming attire (one- or two-piece swimsuits, trunks, or swim/board shorts). No exceptions. Undergarments are not allowed under swimsuits for health and sanitation reasons. Colored shirts and maong shorts are strictly prohibited. For women, white shirts can be used. Please observe proper swimming attire.

  • The invoice printout/digital copy of the confirmed reservation must be presented upon arrival.
  • The reservation is limited to the number of guests indicated. Additional guests may be accommodated subject to additional fees and availability.
  • For Packages with room accommodations, breakfast will be served from 7am-10am only. Upon check-in, the front office shall provide directions where the breakfast vouchers may be used.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring in food purchased outside the resort premises. 
  • Beverages may be brought in subject to payment of applicable corkage fee.
  • Guests may bring one (1) pet weighing not more than thirty pounds or less inside the premises subject to a fee and conditions.